Ongoing Fulfillment

White Squirrel offers services for Creators and Publishers looking for a fulfillment partner.

Astrolago Press

Fulfillment for the Faerie Fire hardcover edition (post-Kickstarter), in partnership with Astrolago Press.

Avery Hill Publishing

Partnership with Avery Hill to fulfill all North American orders from their online shop.

BubbleSort Zines

Packing and shipping orders for the BubbleSort Zines shop, including multiple shirt designs, enamel pins, and jackets.

D.J. Kirkland

D.J.’s vivid illustration work is available in prints, as well as the upcoming comic The Black Mage!


Riddle’s Tea Shoppe

A bit of a departure from our traditional clients, but one with a delightful taste, aroma, and aesthetic!


In partnership with Zainab Akhtar's ShortBox, handling fulfillment for U.S. and Canadian orders of the curated comics box.


Short Term Fulfillment

We offer fulfillment options for pre-orders and crowdfunding campaigns.
(Projects listed chronologically.)


Upcoming fulfillment for the Pithos artbook by W. Scott Forbes


Upcoming fulfillment for the Witch+Craft kickstarter campaign, created by Astrolago Press.

Foxy Fashions

Upcoming fulfillment for the Foxy Fashions kickstarter campaign, created by Yoshi Yoshitano.

Strange Friends

Upcoming fulfillment for the Strange Friends kickstarter campaign, created by Shing Yin Khor.


Mega Tiger Plush

Upcoming fulfillment for the Chonk Friend kickstarter campaign, created by David DePasquale.

Kaiju Corgi Plush

Fulfillment for the Kaiju Corgi Plush Toy kickstarter campaign, created by Naomi Romero!

The Real Folk Blues

Fulfillment for The Real Folk Blues: a Cowboy Bebop fanbook, which included books, prints, pins, and more.


Kickstarter fulfillment for Roadqueen: Eternal Roadtrip to Love, domestic book shipping only.


Killer Curves

Fulfillment for the Killer Curves pop-up shop, featuring merchandise by Babs Tarr and Jiji Knight, including shirts, totes, prints, pins, and stickers.

The Secret Voice

Fulfillment for the Secret Voice Volume 1 Kickstarter campaign, which included hardcover books, prints, pins, patches, and bookplates.

Princess Wolf

Fulfillment for the Princess Wolf and her Life of Darkness Kickstarter, which included books and postcards, created by Kristen and her daughter Bea.


Pride Check!

Fulfillment for the Pride Check! Pride Dice Enamel Pin kickstarter campaign. Packing and shipping a whole bunch of pins, beanies, and backpacks.



Table Titans

Packing and shipping the backer rewards for the Table Titans Volume 2: Winter of the Iron Dwarf and Binwin's Minions Volume 1 kickstarters.


Cutie Corps

Packing and shipping the Pin Up Figures designed by Genevieve FT & Nic ter Horst, from the Cutie Corps kickstarter campaign. Our first ever crowdfunding fulfillment project!